Test Chamber

Product Model: BXZ-400S

The stability test chamber finds its use in the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, biotechnology, food industry, electronics and all related fields including life sciences. By using a scientific method, it creates a long-time stable temperature, humidity conditions required for evaluation of drug failure. As the optimal choice for pharmaceutical companies to test drug stability, it is suitable for the accelerated tests, long-term experiments, high-temperature tests of drugs and new drugs in pharmaceutical companies.

7 inch high-definition touch screen, real-time display setting value and actual value, timing time, running segment number and cycle, work status and other parameters;
Touch operation makes the experiment operation easier;
Microprocessor fuzzy PID control, programmable multi-segment parameter setting: 30 segments 99 cycles design;
Imported energy-saving environmental protection compressor, imported high performance fan, imported high precision humidity sensor;
With data storage function, which can save 1 million data records;
Instrument temperature and humidity records (last 1600) or curve (last 6.5 hour) can be viewed in real time;
Frequency conversion refrigeration system, rapid recovery of temperature and humidity after opening the door;
Screen saver password lock function to prevent arbitrary operation;
Protection function: over temperature limit alarm and shutdown protection, door open alarm, water shortage alarm, sensor fault alarm;
USB direct export of memory data and instrumentation event records (including boot, shutdown, menu parameters settings, fault alarm, and with the exact time);
Glass observation inner door design;
C.H.heating system: improve the use of excess heat to reduce heating time;
USB interface, RS232 interface and RS485 interface are standard configuration;
Equipped with mechanical lock, prevents from opening at will;
Equipped with printer;
Illumination module shelf, Illuminance is stepless adjustable, and the running time can be timed, when the total value is reached, the LED lamp is automatically turned off (each shelf can be controlled separately, up to four shelves);
Illumination value is displayed in real-time and can be printed;
Can meet the test requirement in chemical drugs (drug and preparation) stability research technical guiding principle that the total illuminance of Illumination test not less than 1.2×106Lux·hr;
Optional:UV module shelf which can meet the test requirement in chemical drugs (drug and preparation) stability research technical guiding principle that the total energy in the near UV energy not less than 200w·hr/m2.

Model: BXZ-400S
Temp. Range: -10-85℃ (No lighting), 0-85℃ (Lighting)
Temp. Resolution: 0.1℃
Temp. Fluctuation (@25℃): ±0.5℃
Temp. Uniformity (@25℃): ±1.5
Humidity Range: 15%-98%
Humidity Fluctuation: ±3%
Illumination: 0-10000Lux (stepless adjustable)
Illuminance Deviation: ±500Lux
Power: 2000W
Time Range: 30 segments 99 cycles / 1-9999h per segment
Working Chamber (L×D×H) mm: 600×610×1100
Overall Size (L×D×H) mm: 763×982×1794
Shelves (standard / max.): 4pcs / 12pcs
Illumination Module Shelf: 1 group
Illumination Source Shelf: 1 group
Illumination Shelf (max.) (include module): 3 groups

1. Extra shelf
2. Extra Illumination Module Shelf
3. Extra Illumination Source Shelf
4. UV Module Shelf
5. UV Source Shelf

Illumination / UV Module Shelf: Illuminance / UV Amplitude is stepless adjustable, it can be displayed in real-time and printed;
Illumination / UV Source Shelf: Illuminance / UV Amplitude is adjusted with module, it can not be displayed in real-time or printed.