Precise Oven

Product Model: BXH-65S

5 inch high definition touch screen, real-time display setting temperature and actual temperature value, timing time, fan section number, work status and other parameters;
Rear preheating design, the rear air heated and flow into the chamber directly, to ensure rapid warming;
Unique hole design ensures uniform temperature in the chamber;
Temperature record data and curves, alarm recording information can be viewed in real time;
Screen saver password lock function, to prevent arbitrary operation;
With reservation function;
Programmable design, it can be set 30 segments 99 cycles;
With programmed temperature control function, heating and cooling rate can be controlled;      
With data storage function, which can store and export 4 million data;
Adopts P.I.D analog control;
Double overtemperature alarm (a. controlled by temperature sensor system, b. independent temperature control switch);
5 stages fan speed, which can ensure the requirement of different wind speed;
The ventilation door can control the opening of the air outlet in 10 stages, which can meet the demand of different ventilation speed rates;
Precise timing function, after reaching the set temperature, the timing function can be started manually after opening the door and placing the sample;
The instrument can be cooled quickly after its operation;
Equipped with 2 RS-485 interfaces and 1 USB interface;
Options: printer; HEPA filter.

Model: BXH-65S
Overall Size (L×D×H) mm: 575×615×635
Working Chamber (L×D×H) mm: 410×350×450
Temp. Range: RT+5~300℃
Heating-up Time (150℃): 17
Temp. Uniformity (150℃): ±2
Temp. Fluctuation (150℃): ±0.3
30S Recovery Time (150℃) (min): 7
Power (kW): 1.5
Shelves (standard / max.): 2pcs / 5pcs

1. HEPA filter
2. Extra shelf
3. Printer