Clean Bench

Product Model: BJ-1CD

The clean bench is a necessary basic equipment for biologic technical researches and experiments. It is widely applicable in the field of pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, environmental monitoring and electronic instruments for purifying air in the operation area.

BJ-1CD clean bench is a kind of purifying equipment to control the high cleanliness air in operation area by intelligent settings. The equipment adopts unidirectional airflow, the air indoor passing through the pre-filter into the static pressure box, and pass through the HEPA, then high cleanliness unidirectional airflow in operation area is formed.

Dilapidation and pre-invalidation alarm of HEPA
Differential pressure display
Making the wind speed constant
Interlock of UV light and lamp
Multi-parameters ration display
Accumulated operating time and clock and filter life display

The shell is made of quality cold-rolling steel with static spray plastics, the operation table is made of SUS304 which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean;
Centrifugal fan which has steady rotate speed and low noise;
LCD screen displays work parameters such as wind speed, accumulated operating time, differential pressure, clock and running state of HEPA;
Be equipped with HEPA, the prefilter is set as the medium efficiency filter system to extend HEPA’s life;
Six steps of wind speed control;
Counterweight type moveable operation window that can be located optionally within the prescribed limit;
Equipped with antispray socket, air and water source interfaces;
5°tilt front window meets the human engineering principle which makes the user more comfort;
The rack has moveable truckles and positioning balance columns which make move agilely and location reliably.

Model: BJ-1CD (single, one side)
Display: LCD
Airflow Direction: Vertical Airflow
Working Side: One side
Cleanliness Class: Class 100 (99.99%@0.5µm)
Wind Speed: 0.3-0.6m/s (Adjustable)
Noise: ≤67dB
Vibration Half Peak Value: ≤5µm (XYZ direction)
Illuminance: ≥300LX
Working Zone (mm): 830×700×495
Overall Size (mm): 990×744×1680
HEPA (mm): 800×604×50×①
Lamp/UV Light: 30W×①/20W×①
Weight (Kg): 115
Power (kW): 0.2
Power Supply: AC220±10V  50/60Hz